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Your crawl space – that dark, rarely ventured into space underneath your home.  It is often avoided but must be maintained in order to protect your home and your health.  Crawl space maintenance involves both professional services and regular homeowner upkeep.


Your Certified Restoration Experts at A&D Hydra Clean can help you prevent water damage from occurring in your crawl space.

Sump pump installation – Having a sump pump in your crawl space or basement is an important step in preventing water damage. Call us today at 317-255-5658 to have your sump pump installed!  Don’t wait until you have flood damage to wish you had already installed one!

Vapor barrier installation – The first step in preventing moisture in your crawl space is to keep it out!  Our team will create a impenetrable vapor barrier by covering the ground with pea gravel and thick plastic.

Other options include power venting, dehumidification, or Clean Space treatment.


There are many things that you can do to take care of your crawl space and prevent damage.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure that your downspouts are keeping the rain water far enough away from foundation and preventing water intrusion into crawl space.  Often adding downspout extensions  helps keep water away from the house’s foundation.
  • Keep sprinkler systems from spraying close to the house.
  • Winterize your home to protect pipes and outside water faucets from freezing.


With the proper crawl space maintenance, you will:

  • Improve air quality in your home
  • Reduce relative humidity in crawl space
  • Remove odor from crawl space and living space above
  • Prevent wood rot, mold, and insect damage
  • Reduce secondary damage or visual distortion in expensive wood flooring (cupping, crowning, or warping of planks) due to high relative humidity in crawl space.
  • Control relative humidity in living space – keeps doors from sticking, piano’s from going out of tune, reduces load on HVAC system.
  • Reduce allergens
  • Prevent insect damage in structure (termites, carpenter ants), swamp-like conditions from standing water – with worms, spiders, and flying insects
  • Prevent mold growth on floor joists and sub-floor by eliminating relative humidity


There are times when despite your best effort, problems and accidents occur that cause damage in your crawl space. When that happens, call your Indiana Restoration experts at A&D Hydra Clean at (317) 255-5658. We have 24/7 emergencies services available to help you now!


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