A professional mold inspection is an important first step in diagnosing mold contamination in your home or office.  Call your mold expert at A&D Hydra Clean now (317-255-5658) to find out what next step you should take.
The US EPA suggests that homeowners and businesses contact a professional, trained mold remediation company if the area of mold is larger than 10sq ft.   We’d also suggest you contact us if you have a recurring mold problem or a room has a musty or moldy smell.  During a mold inspection these signs could signal that the mold problem is more extensive than you may think.


Our process for mold inspection begins with your phone call.  We may be able to advise you on how to handle the problem or explain to you the next steps our mold professionals will need to take.
Assessment of your potential mold problem begins with an onsite evaluation. From there our technicians and industrial hygienists will complete specific diagnostic tests. These tests include certified air samplings to determine levels of airborne contaminants.
Mold is usually the result of water damage, so our team will also complete a water source inspection in your home to determine if and where there is any water damage. We will determine water source and extent of water migration, areas still containing elevated moisture levels, presence of mold, wood rot, compromised sub floor or wood structure. By thoroughly inspecting your home for water damage, we will minimize the long-term mold problem.
Our goal is to restore your home and office to its perfect pre-mold state and make sure that you do not have a recurring mold problem.  Our mold remediation protocol uses only the most current standards and equipment to
protect you and your home. We will walk you through our mold remediation process so you can have a complete understanding. We can also help you work with your insurance agent to get the benefits you deserve.


Mold can be a serious structural and health problem.  Do not hesitate to call your Mold Damage Inspector at A&D Hydra Clean to have your home or office inspected for mold.  Our team is happy to offer advice and their years of expertise to our Indiana friends and neighbors.  Give us a call today at 317-255-5658 and we can begin restoring your home!

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