Trying to decide which Indiana Restoration Company to call for help?  While we can tell you our passion is to quickly restore your home to pre-loss condition, we will let our wonderful home restoration clients share their restoration success stories instead:


Just before the new year, a second floor toilet slowly overflowed for 10 hours. The result was soggy carpets, a ruined vanity cabinet, walls filled with water, ruined laminate flooring, light fixtures filled with water – you name it, it was affected – on the second and first floors and the basement.
Our insurance company allowed us to pick the contractor. I wanted to work with someone local, so I checked Angie’s List for help. I called A&D Hydra Clean and talked to Kyle who immediately put crews into action. They carefully inspected our home, finding places that were affected by the water that I hadn’t thought to check. They pulled out affected carpet, flooring and cabinetry and installed a series of driers.
Once the floors, ceiling and walls were dry, A&D replaced everything that had to come out due to water damage. They conferred with us at every step to be sure that the end result would suit our needs and desires and even made suggestions to prevent the same thing from happening again. The work happened quickly with attention to cleanliness, all the way to the final carpet cleaning.
Here’s the thing, not only did the work get done, every single one of the people who showed up for A&D was a delight. It was clear that each cared about our family as humans who have to work and live in our home. They put up with our cranky dog like champs. They thoroughly explained every detail to us, helping us make choices to maximize our insurance reimbursement.
I would not hesitate to recommend A&D Hydra Clean.

Nila N.
Indianapolis, IN

Problem: Flooded basement (partially finished).

“Excellent response. Called around 7:00 PM. They (on phone) helped me get my old pump running and were here with a new pump installed before midnight. They placed drying fans, used HEPA air cleaner and dehumidifiers, extracted water, moved furniture, cleaned carpet, and provided guidance on what to do. The people showed actual concern for our home and our worries. ”


A&D was very responsive – we came back from an international trip to water flowing from a busted hot water heater on the 2nd floor down to the 1st floor! They came within an hour of the call to our house to start the clean up  and water restoration work to save our hard wood floors and stop any mold development.  The reconstruction all went smoothly and they kept the work site  clean.  They did an awesome job and made sure we understood what was happening through out  the process.
I would definitely recommend their service!

May 18, 2013

Sue H.
Indianapolis, IN

We had issues with another service provider (national franchise) that was sent by our insurance company. They overlooked many damaged areas and were mostly concerned with how much equipment they could place in our house. After several days we asked around and A&D was recommended from a couple different people, so we decided to have them take over the job. They were AMAZING to work with and really saved us from having much larger problems. They found that many of the areas that were deemed dry from the other provider, we’re in fact soaking wet… Walls, floor, ceiling, duct work, insulation, furnace, etc. They dried it all out in short order and helped us work through the situation with our insurance. The difference in their level of service, professionalism and quality was substantial. We had them handle everything through the reconstruction including: hardwood floors, tile, dry wall, painting, etc. Simply put this was the best experience I’ve had with any company.

If you’ve had water damage, call these guys first. You will not be disappointed!

Nov 4, 2013

Jeremy S
Carmel, IN

Problem: A second floor toilet overflowed and ran through the ceiling and the wall onto the floor on the lower level.

“They offered quality work and quality cleanup. Used a HEPA drying system with holes in my ceiling, so it would dry out and I wouldn’t have mold. Excellent cleanup and excellent follow through. Came when they said they would. They used a self-contained handheld indicator to detect moisture in the walls without total teardown.”


Can’t say enough good things about A&D. This was my first big repair job as a homeowner, and I didn’t know what to expect, what all would need to be done, etc. Called A&D because my mom had used them and was very pleased. As a woman alone in the house, I always felt safe and comfortable with their employees. I found them to be prompt, professional, cheerful, meticulous, skilled, positive, confidence-inspiring. Would definitely use them again, and recommend them to others.

Elaine C
Zionsville, IN

Problem: Water damage from a faulty toilet in a master bath.

“A&D came out within an hour and began the clean up process, not just one or two workers 4-6 showed up. They were all very courteous, polite and comforting. After the water clean up and dry out A&D also did the restoration which really helped ease the process of getting our lives back to normal since we didn’t have to go look for contractors on our own. This included gutting our kitchen, dining room and master bathroom and lost of use of the basement. All the contractors they used were very professional and did very good thorough work. A&D really helped us with our insurance adjuster, staying neutral yet helping to advocate for us. They continued this by making sure the contractors knew what we wanted and that we understood what the contractors were saying and doing. A&D went above and beyond what we expected. They really really helped ease our minds during a very chaotic and unsettling time. They even bought us dinner when we lost the use of our kitchen. I will strongly recommend A&D to anyone who has the misfortune of water damage or needs restoration for any reason and I will continue to sing the praises of A&D Hydra Clean. God was looking out for us when we blindly placed our finger on A&D in the yellow pages.

Kimberly M.
Indianapolis, IN

A&D Hydra Clean was out to our house immediately upon calling them regarding our flooded basement. During a very stressful time, they were a pleasure to work with and restored my basement back to it’s original form with minimal disruption to our family’s daily routine. All of the employees were pleasant and diligent in their roles and made things as tolerable as possible. Their overall work was excellent and their follow-up was incredible.

If anyone has the misfortune of a flooded basement, I would highly recommend A&D Hydra Clean!

Chuck G.
Carmel, IN

We had a distortion in one of the floor boards in the hall, we found nothing and the following day the damage was worse. We called A&D Hydra Clean, they came immediately and with special equipment determined the water was in the wall behind the furnace. As the serviceman began to remove the base board to locate the source he found mold. He then removed the front panel of the furnace and found a trough of water. We had to have a heating & air company, a serviceman had to replace tubing and cleaned the water up.

The following day A&D Hydra Clean came back to our home at our request. They removed the damaged flooring and two sections of damaged wall board. They placed six large fans in our home that ran 24 hours a day for 3 days. The insurance company was contacted, took pictures, interviewed us and contacted A&D Hydra Clean. A&D not only worked with our insurance company, but gave us frequent updates and detailed estimates.

 March 2, 2014

Alfrendo & Doris G
Fishers, IN

When it was discovered that water from a furnace had leaked into the subflooring, they helped manage testing with a mold inspector, removal of mold-contaminated materials and replacement of drywall, repainting, etc. They also coordinated with the flooring company I was using, and ensured the entire home was fully cleaned before I moved back in. They managed the entire removal of the molded materials or encapsulation as appropriate, rebuilding the damaged floors and walls, and in-depth home cleaning to meet specifications of the industrial hygienist. [A&D Hydra Clean was] fantastic! Thanks to their efforts, the 5-week job proceeded quite well. When it was realized that the project was more extensive than just replacing a small square of subfloor, A&D Hydra Clean thoroughly explained the process with very realistic timelines (best/worst case). Once details were received from the industrial hygienist, they explained what was going to be required and why, ensuring I understood the process.

Amy P.
Indianapolis, IN

I would hire this company again in a heartbeat. For about 6 months I had A&D personnel as well as many different subcontractors coming through my doors, perhaps as many as 25 different people. As a woman, I felt completely safe and comfortable with every one of them. They came when they said they would, and they left the work site amazingly clean.

Janet B
Fishers, IN

I had a broken water heater. They came in on an emergency basis and took care of all the water damage, including the carpeted areas. They were very careful to cover our floors to protect them from damage from their drying equipment. They performed all functions in a timely manner and were very helpful in explaining the steps they were going to take.They took everything apart and put everything back where it belonged. Nothing but courteous and responsive service.

Marie H.
Indianapolis, IN

We had water enter our finished basement through the windows during the very heavy storm. We removed and dried out the area for a couple weeks. To make sure that there was no drywall or carpet pad damage I called A & D Hydra Clean. Steve Spink came to our home to check the pad and removed a section of molding to check the drywall. Everything was ok.
I spoke with Kyle initially on the phone, who was very helpful and informative. He told me the cost to monitor the moisture level and have a visual inspection. Later Steve Spink came out for the inspection. He was extremely helpful and professional in explaining everything he was doing and had tips to avoid possible future damage.

May 22, 2013

Mary D.
Carmel, IN

A & D remodeled the entire first floor of my home. The replaced carpet, painted all of the rooms and stairway from floor to ceiling, refaced and refurbished our cabinets, installed granite and a new sink in our kitchen, remodeled the bathroom, installed new flooring, installing all new fixtures, and installed new lighting in the family room, and the kitchen. When they were finished they cleaned all of the carpets and flooring.

I cannot say enough good things about this company. They were professional and courteous and their work was amazing. They always arrived when they said they would and were very customer focused. They also completed the job on time – even earlier than they said they would. All of their workers loved their job and you could tell in their work. The owner of the company even came out to the job several times to check on things and ensure that everything was okay. Everything they did was A+ work. I wish I could share before and after pictures as their work is beautiful. If you have a large or small remodel project A & D is the company you want to use. I guarantee that you will love their work and you will not have to worry about any detail, as they have it all covered.
Dec 20, 2013

Cynthia A
Carmel, IN

Problem: Upstairs laundry room hose burst in the middle of the night.

“A&D responded with a completely equipped truck and a crew of 4-5 men in just a few hours. They were able to accomplish the dry out very quickly. Our carpet did not need replacement, but the laminate did. Much of the downstairs ceiling had to be replaced, painted and textured. In all phases of the dry-out and reconstruction A&D was responsive and professional. There is no sign that anything in the house is a repair instead of the original. There were always company supervisors for any contractors and the project management and follow-up was excellent. Likely there are cheaper contractors in this area, but the A&D guys are the best we’ve ever heard of.

Ben C.
Indianapolis, IN

A&D Hydra Clean was absolutely terrific. I called them on Sunday late afternoon about 4:00 because of some water that had gotten into my basement do to a back up outside. They were here by approximately 6:00 or 6:30, Floyd & Kyle were the two who came. They were absolutely terrific individuals. Started on the project right away got done approximately 9:00 or 9:30 and then came back the next two days to check on everything. Then reinstalled the carpet, the baseboard, and you could not even tell they were there. They were absolutely terrific. I wanted to take the time to call and provide you with this comment on them because I can recommend them highly to anyone.

Timothy & Christine
Carmel, IN

A&D is very responsive! The reconstruction all went smoothly and they kept the work site clean. They did an awesome job and made sure we understood what was happening through out the process. I would definitely recommend their service!

Sue H
Indianapolis, IN

Our basement flooded. We called them at 11:00 PM, the night of the flood. They explained all they could do. Called next morning at 7:00 AM & had a team at the house by 9:00 AM, drying & ripping out & left. That evening they cleaned out the basement & fans drying everything. Then began the repair & replacement of everything – extremely timely & efficient. Great to work with & very accommodating.

Nov 25, 2013

Keith S
Carmel, IN

They repaired all the damage from a major leak in the upstairs bathroom. They dried the house out and replaced all the things that were damaged. They mostly repaired the drywall, ceiling and the flooring. I am very happy with the service they provided. They were pretty straight up. I had no follow up issues. They did exactly what they said they were going to do.

Charles B.
Fishers, IN

A&D has helped us multiple times before, and as always, they were extremely punctual, professional, and thorough.  They use an infrared scanner to look at the damage (inside walls and ceilings) and can pinpoint exactly what may have gotten wet.  They bring in all sorts of equipment to dry out water damage including blowers & dehumidifiers.  But, they also use air scrubbers to filter the air as it’s being forced into walls and under carpet – this really keeps the dust down.  They have always properly removed the base trim and drilled small holes in the drywall to allow the blowers to circulate air inside the walls to make sure everything is dry.  With previous water damage, they have had to replace drywall and paint, etc – and it always looks perfect.  A&D Hydra Clean’s employees are true pros and really know what they are doing, and when they bring in subcontractors, they are equally as professional and courteous.  After using them several times, I highly recommend their services.

 Jan 12, 2014

Julie D.
Zionsville, IN

Many thanks to all our wonderful clients for trusting us to restore their homes!

We hope that you never have to experience any water or fire damage, but if you do we want to be there to help you out!  Contact your Home Restoration Experts at A&D Hydra Clean to see how we can restore your home to pre-loss conditions. We will explain the process of complete restoration and help you restore your life and your home.  Call us at 317-255-5658.

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