Everyone loves the fresh, clean feel of new carpet. So why not restore your carpet with a professional carpet cleaning from A&D Hydra Clean!  Professional carpet cleaning will not only maintain the beauty of your carpet, but it can also improve you and your family’s health! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a carpet can be filled with dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, pesticides and other materials which may originate indoors or be brought into the indoor environment from outside.  That alone is a great reason to schedule an annual cleaning – especially if you have children who regularly play on the carpet!
Carpet cleaning is a perfect part of your seasonal cleaning or a must before you move into your new home.  Schedule an appointment today!  317-255-5658


Our Carpet Cleaning experts use the best commercial equipment on the market!  This allows us to give you the most efficient and thorough cleaning in the shortest amount of time. Some of our specialized equipment includes:

    • True truck mount steam carpet cleaning (using our own conditioned water and hauling away all your dirt)
    • Patented RX 20 rotary jet extractor (rinses 5x what a wand system will rinse)
    • High-powered drying tools (help prevent mold and mildew growth by eliminating moisture)
    • Stainmaster Treatments (eliminates stains and reduces resoiling)


In addition to professional carpet cleaning we also clean area rugs, upholstered furniture and stairs!  Give us a call to schedule an appointment or get a free estimate.  317-255-5658.

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